Where in the best Eco tourism in the US?

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Eco tourism in the US. Where are the best spots for this ever burgeoning mix of conservationism and adventure? Well first, let us discuss exactly what Eco tourism is. Eco tourism is any activity, event based in the natural environment. Moreover, Eco tourism is meant to support conservation efforts for threatened or endangered ecosystem. This form of tourism is growing and growing in popularity as the severity of whats at stake( the natural world and its inhabitants ) has come to light.

Let us begin with the magnificence that is Alaska's Eco tourism industry. One only has to look at a map and see the seemingly never ending expanse of wilderness to figure on Alaska coming out on top in this race. Alaska is considered Americas last frontier with its vast untapped wilderness, the creatures that depend on its resources for their very lives. The Eco tourism oppurtunities here are unbelievable to say the least, and nearly innumerable. Of course what draws most people here for such excursions is the wonder that is Alaska's wilderness. Moreover, residents here take their treasure seriously, the treasure being their streams, mountains, lakes and animals. And while they truly enjoy seeing tourists and the revenue they provide, they will not hesitate to instruct visitors on the most responsible way to enjoy activities like hiking, camping, fishing, etc. Tourists leave marks its inevitable but, as residents will profess, hiring an eco-outfitter will minimize the impact visitors have. Some of the most popular Eco tourist activities include fishing( Alaska has arguably the best salmon fishing in the states) hiking, bird watching. In Alaska, the wilderness is king and for it to remain so as our world encroaches upon it Eco tourism must remain a viable industry.

Next on the list is Hawaii, probably no surprise there. Like Alaska, Hawaii is an almost unending expanse of wilderness. And like Alaskans, Hawaiians take the preservation of their states natural world very seriously. They hold with the motto, " Malama Aina", meaning to care for the land. And what a magnificent land it is. Here visitors can enjoy anything from scuba diving to strolling white sand beaches, whale watching. And of course these visitors wont want to miss the hundreds of miles of hiking trails Hawaii has to offer. Visitors who come to Hawaii for such Eco friendly experiences quickly learn what residents have already discovered: Hawaii is a magical place that must be protected and with the aid of tourism for conservation sake that just might be possible.

Finally we have come to the third and final most Eco tourism friendly state in the US, California. A little known fact, California offers 125, 000 " green" jobs, more than any other state. It is no big surprise then that Eco tourism is one of the states leading forms of tourism. Visitors can enjoy all types of environmentally geared activities all over the state, even in the more urban setting of San Francisco. Some of the more widely popular activities include, but are not limited to, hiking, fishing, kayaking. Also, there is a company called Desert Adventures designed specifically to guide tourists to places like Joshua Tree National Park, the San Andreas Fault. California is warm and beautiful and it plays host to a variety f spectacular ecosystems which should be protected at all costs. Eco tourism in the US is vital to the sustainability of places like California.

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