What are the different Nashville neighborhoods and communities?

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Nashville may be well-known for country music, but the city is so much more than twangy accents and leather cowboy boots. The area is actually very diverse, and the different Nashville neighborhoods and communities each hold different traits. Where you'll want to live depends on what you're looking for: an exciting downtown rush, a quiet suburban life, or an artsy, hipster neighborhood. Whatever you're seeking, Nashville's got it. Here's a breakdown of the city's neighborhoods and communities:

Belle Meade

Home to many affluent families, Belle Meade is suburbia, at its finest. This area is best if you really want some separation from the ctiy; there's stuff to do there--just not a lot of it. You have everything you need, of course: your grocery stores, your gas stations, your chain restaurants, with a few independent ones mixed in. But if you want to be closer to where the action is, you'll want to be closer to the center of the city, and not in the outskirts of Belle Meade.

Hillsboro Village

Close to both Vanderbilt and Belmont, Hillsboro Village is a magnet for hip twenty-somethings. With its coffee shops, bars, and independent theater, it's a place for artists to relax with a cup of coffee and chat about their upcoming shows. It's also home to the famous Pancake Pantry, where the lines can stretch out the door and around the corner on Sunday mornings. The sidewalks are made of brick, giving the area a quaint and historical feel. But the lack of parking is totally modern.


The area nestled between west Nashville and the downtown area, Midtown is stomping grounds for Vanderbilt students. You'll often see business signs welcoming back the Commodores, and plenty of restaurants and shops are there to entertain the crowds. This area especially bursts with people during game days, so depending on your feelings about football, it will be an area that you'll either know very, very well, or an area that you'll avoid as if it were an ex-lover.


You may also have a complicated relationship with the downtown area. Some locals love it; others hate it. But regardless of how you feel about it, there's no denying that it never lacks something to do. Here you'll find the Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as the honky-tonks Nashville's become famous for. You'll also see the famous Batman building anchoring the skyline. Chances are, if you've seen a photo of Nashville, you were looking at a picture of the downtown area.

East Nashville

This area in particular has become a mecca for artists, musicians, and other creative types. The cheap housing and funky businesses make it a popular spot for recent graduates. Besides chic hipster crowds, east Nashville contains many unique local companies, such as a vegan/vegetarian restaurant (a rare gem in a town that likes its hot chicken), a children's bookstore, and two artisanal ice cream shops.

Nashville neighborhoods and communities are all different; picking the right one for you is just a matter of deciding what sort of neighbors you want.

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